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004 – Frequent Flyer Journal – TY

Benedict Chijioke, born to Igbo-Nigerian parents, was revered highly for his storytelling. He was nominated for the prestigious Mercury Prize for his second album, Upwards. [...]

003 – Frequent Flyer Journal – Voilaaa

003 - VOILAAA 003 - VOILAAA Lyon. Paris. France. Favorite Recordings just released the latest track from Bruno Hovart aka Patchworks' project: VOILAAA. 'Manu Écoute Ça ...'  and  'Tenor Jam for Manu' [...]

001 Frequent Flyer Journal – Tony Allen

001 - TONY ALLEN How do you write about a musician? How do you express the joy a musicians work has given you - especially in the moment of his death? Tony Oladipo Allen (1940 [...]

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