It all started with a simple idea: I needed better music for my flights.

Since 2014 I do travel a lot. How much? I average a ridiculous ~150 flights per year. The problem: the more you fly, the more boring your flights will become. My way to overcome hours after hours of sitting still on an airplane seat? Music.

The Frequent Flyer Series has a simple goal: provide you (and me) with a way to experience music when traveling. Be it on an international flight to Tokyo, or a short domestic trip around the corner. Music as an experience for a point in time. Music to travel with. Be it on an airplane, a train, a car or even just in your mind – to a destination possibly even unknown.

When I started this approach and released my first Frequent Flyer mixes, little did I know that we would be heading into a global pandemic in 2020. I have always been sharing my music on various outlets, but never took the time to bring it all together and more importantly: ask others to participate.

Fast forward to what you have in front of you: the beginning of a collection of selected music to support you in your escapism. Always remember: ‘There Is Only Now’!


Yves Newman



I have had the huge pleasure to spin with a long list of people throughout the years. Artists, such as Alexkid, BTO Spider, DJ Deep, Fritz Da Groove, Gebel, Ingo Sänger, Jazzanova, Jeremiah, Jonatore, Jori Hulkkonen, Markus Enochson, Meierlansky, Mike Huckaby, Pascal & Mr Day, Paul Randolph, Pepe Bradock, Pepita Project, Rainer Trueby, Razoof, Reinhard Wimmer, Salz, Shantisan, Smoab, Stefan Obermaier, Yannick, and many more…

For the Frequent Flyer Series I am inviting fellow musicians, DJs, artists and yes – friends – to provide their own version of an experience to escape to. Their own version of the Frequent Flyer sound. Exclusively for you – the listener.

When I started my Frequent Flyer Series I always wanted people to be able to listen to the mixes on an airplane. Or at the beach. Or wherever and whenever you are offline. A small pledge and they are all yours!

I will donate 100% of your support to a non profit organisation each month. If you have any specific one in mind, let me know.



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